Final results of the OCEF Second Call for Proposals: 11 projects for US$69.5 million investment in off-grid renewable energy solutions in Benin

The Millennium Challenge Account Benin II (MCA-Benin II) is glad to announce the list of eleven (11) selected companies of the OCEF second Call for Proposals. Eight (8) projects for the construction and operation of solar mini-grids have been selected for more than 60 million US dollars of investment. These mini-grids will be used to provide electricity to households, businesses, and industries. They will be built over the next twenty-four (24) months and operated for 25 years under a concession agreement to be signed with the Beninese State through the ABERME (Conceding Authority) after receiving the opinion of the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ARE).

In addition to the mini-grid projects, two (2) solar home systems distribution projects, and one (1) energy efficiency project have been selected. Together, these various initiatives will increase the energy production capacity by 13.4 MW and provide reliable and quality energy to 128 localities through mini-solar grids and 39 localities through solar home systems.

The total amount of investments to be implemented by these 11 selected companies is 69.5 million US dollars (about 38 249 590 000 FCFA) of which 41.6 million US dollars (about 22 887 704 000 FCFA) will be provided by private promoters. The contribution of MCA-Benin II is 27.9 million US dollars (about 15 360 000 000 FCFA), corresponding to 40.2% of the total cost of the investments planned by the companies.

"These various off-grid electrification projects will increase the rate of access to electricity in off-grid localities in Benin" said Marc NOUNAGNON, Head of the Decentralized Energy Project at MCA-Benin II.

In total, 451,026 people will be impacted by these different off-grid electrification solutions throughout Benin. At the end of this selection process, all the selected companies will sign co-financing agreements with MCA-Benin II. The finalisation of the concession agreement model and the start of the appraisal process with the Beninese Agency for Rural Electrification and Energy Management (ABERME) and the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ARE) will continue in order to obtain operating permits for mini-solar grid projects.
List of the 11 selected companies of the OCEF Second Call for Proposals and their objectives

Energicity Corp/Comtel Sarl

Construction, operation and maintenance of 20 solar mini-grids to support economic development in 20 localities in the Zou, Couffo and Collines departments.

Akuo Energy Africa SARL et Power:On

Rural Electrification in Northern Benin through the construction, operation and maintenance of 10 hybrid mini-grids and distribution networks for 18 localities in the departments of Atacora and Donga.


Production and distribution of electricity from clean, renewable, efficient and sustainable energy through 22 mini-grids in 22 rural localities in the departments of Borgou and Atacora.

Electriciens sans frontières,  Songhaï et Pamiga

Solution for access to electricity through the construction, operation and maintenance of 4 hydrid mini-grids in 4 rural localities in the communes of Dangbo and Sô-ava.

Paras Energy & Natural Resources Development Limited et Smart Roof Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Off-grid electrification through the construction, operation and maintenance of 5 mini-grids in 5 rural localities in the department of Borgou.


Construction of 8 mini-grids with innovative storage and distribution networks in 8 villages in the Alibori and Borgou departments.


Supply and promotion of renewable energy services through the construction, operation and maintenance of 6 hybrid mini-grids in 6 rural localities in the departments of Atacora and Collines.

WindGen Power USA, Inc  et SUNKOFA

Construction, operation and maintenance of 40 mini-grids in 40 rural localities in the Atlantic, Collines, Couffo, Ouémé, Mono and Zou departments.


Sale, installation and maintenance of 2500 solar kits distributed in the departments of Collines, Zou, Donga, Borgou, Ouémé and Couffo.


Electrification of 8800 rural households in Benin through the sale, distribution and installation of 8800 solar kits.

TOLARO GLOBAL  S.A.S., IED et Invest/Nitidae

Energy efficiency in a cashew nut processing industry by substituting SBEE electricity consumption with self-generation using agricultural residues and 500 kW of electricity production by gasification.

About the Millennium Challenge Account-Benin II
The overall budget of the Compact is US$403 million, of which the Republic of Benin contributes US$28 million. The MCA-Benin II Programme (2017-2022) focuses on the development of electric power. The main objective is to stimulate private investment through support for institutional reforms and investment in electricity generation and distribution, as well as off-grid electrification (renewable energy).
About OCEF
The Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility (OCEF), an activity of one of the four projects making up the MCA-Benin II Programme, is a US$32 million cost-sharing fund to co-finance profitable off-grid renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Benin. It aims to increase access to electricity for the majority of the currently unserved population in rural and peri-urban areas by reducing initial connection costs and barriers to investment in Benin's power sector.
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