Press Release : Results of the OCEF First Call for Proposals

MCA Program in Benin (compact II) is proud to announce the list of 4 winners firm following the call for proposal lauched by OCEF(Off-grig Clean Energy Facility). There are BBoxx, ASCON Energy, LAGAZELet ARESS


The Millennium Challenge Account Benin II (MCA-Benin II) unveiled on Wednesday 5 February 2020 the four (4) companies selected following the OCEF First Call for Proposals. The activities to be carried out by these companies include the production, sale, distribution, and installation of solar kits for the various needs of households, businesses and public institutions in 39 localities in Benin.

The total amount of investment planned by the companies is US$13.8 million (8,243,247,400 FCFA). MCA-Benin II is providing financial support (co-financing) of US$4.4 million (CFAF 2,615,442,097), corresponding to 31.72% of the total amount of investments planned by enterprises.

These various numbers confirm the commitment of the private sector to support the development of the electricity sector in Benin. This first Call for Proposals served as a means to mobilize significant investments from national and international private companies.

172,506 people will be impacted by the different business initiatives that will contribute to accelerating access to electricity for rural and peri-urban populations not connected to the SBEE interconnected network.

 "The electricity produced by these solar kits will help bring these populations out of darkness, stimulate their business activities, and reduce dependence on expensive energy sources," said Gabriel Dégbègni, National Coordinator of MCA-Benin II.

The selected companies look forward to implementing new business initiatives in the off-grid electrification sector and demonstrating the potential of renewable energy to improve the availability of electricity for the people of Benin.


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