13th CLUB-ER Annual Meeting, Lusaka (Zambia)

The 13th CLUB-ER Annual Meeting was held from 04 to 08 September 2017 at the Taj Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka (Zambia) on the theme: "Sustainable Rural Electrification Projects; Tariffs for mini-grid". The discussions were enriched by contributions from each other. It's the CLUB-ER spirit


File(s) available for download

# Files Download
1Executive report, CLUB-ER Annual Meeting 2017 Lusaka (Zambia)
2Participants List, CLUB-ER Annual Meeting 2017 Lusaka (Zambia)
31) Highlight Energy Sector in Zambia, Annual Meeting 2017 CLUB-ER
42) Situation de l'Electricité à Madagascar, Rencontre Annuelle 2017 CLUB-ER
53) Contexte malien de l'électrification rurale, Rencontre Annuelle 2017 CLUB-ER
64) Malawi, Electrification programme, Annual Meeting 2017 CLUB-ER
75) Kenya current energy sector situation, Annual Meeting 2017 CLUB-ER
86) Le secteur de l'électrification rurale au Burkina Faso, Rencontre Annuelle 2017 CLUB-ER
97) La Mauritanie, Rencontre Annuelle 2017 CLUB-ER
108) Uganda rural electrification sector, Annual Meeting 2017 CLUB-ER
119) EUEI PDF, Systematic Analysis of National Electrification Approaches by Practical Action, Annual Meeting 2017 CLUB-ER
1210) EUEI PDF - RES Tariff Toolbox by MRC - introduction by Mr Crispen ZANA, Annual Meeting 2017 CLUB-ER
1311) La tarification de l'électrificité au Burundi, Rencontre Annuelle 2017 CLUB-ER
1412) Présentation de l'ANPER Niger, Rencontre Annuelle 2017 CLUB-ER
1513) Contexte de la tarification à Madagascar, Rencontre Annuelle 2017 CLUB-ER
1614) Zambia Country Experiences on tariff models, calculation and pricing, Annual Meeting 2017 CLUB-ER
1715) Advocacy from Young Energy Access Leaders, Annual Meeting 2017 CLUB-ER
1816) Powerhive Micro-Utilities by PowerHive, Annual Meeting 2017 CLUB-ER
1917) Community involvement in Rural Electrification by ACRA, Annual Meeting 2017 CLUB-ER
2018) Minigrids and Productive Use training - Practical Action, Annual Meeting 2017 CLUB-ER

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